Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ladies, Lisbon.
Ice cream, Lisbon.

Talking with Miss SMS on Skype, Lisbon.

Democracy Between Tyrants
with: Ana Manso, André Romão, Margarida Mendes and Pedro Neves Marques.
Galeria Pedro Cera, Lisbon.

Burger & me (in my balcony), Lisbon.

Basilica of our lady of the martyrs, Lisbon.
The best of sun protection (UVB-UVA), Lisbon.
Bars, Lisbon.
Whole Portugal, Lisbon.
Walking up, Lisbon.
Looking up, Lisbon.
Walking down, Lisbon.
Standing, Lisbon.
Walking naked, Lisbon.
Portugal, Lisbon.
Stripes, Lisbon.
Posing, Lisbon.
Falling, Lisbon.

Making photos, Lisbon.

In the heart of Lisbon (they say...), Lisbon.
Tourists & cams, Lisbon.
Rossio, Lisbon.
Suits & ties, Camões, Lisbon.
Churches & statues, Camões, Lisbon.