Tuesday, June 19, 2012

JP & me at the studio, Lisbon.

fierce, Lisbon.

guitar, Lisbon.
Tiago working at the studio, Lisbon.
at the studio, Lisbon.
Tiago with hand & hat, Lisbon.
Tiago in green light, Lisbon.
Tiago with mask, Lisbon.
Tiago in pink wig, Lisbon.
at the studio, Lisbon.
19, Caparica.
Moonfire - the nacional pessimism or how the portuguese seek solutions of hope in times of social crisis, Lisbon.
the process of civilization at Pedro's table, Lisbon.

at Pedro & Miguel's dinner, Lisbon.

at Sonja's bday party, Brownie, Lisbon.
JP, Jenny & me, Finalmente, Lisbon.
JP, Bruno & me, Finalmente, Lisbon.

at WoofX, Lisbon.